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The World Birthday Connection – launching worldwide February 29th, 2012, at

February 27th, 2012. Chertsey, Surrey, UK.  A new social networking website – WobyCafe [] – is launched by The World Birthday Connection on February 29th 2012 and aims to connect those who share the same birthday wherever they are in the world.

The launch kicks off with a “leaperthon”* party in London on February 29th  for those born on that leap year date.  Membership of WobyCafe is free and the website can be viewed by members and non members alike, although members have privileges.

WobyCafe says the leaperthon will set a world record for the number of people born on a leap year attending a party.  “Up to 50 have been invited and so far there is no world record for such an event – so we will set a record,” says WobyCafe spokesman Ian Lynch.

Originally the brainchild of a British musician, trombonist Allan Tidbury,  WobyCafe points out that 19 million people globally share the same birthday every day, including 37,000 in London and 87,000 in Tokyo alone.

“Whether you are rich or poor, western or eastern, north or south, WobyCafe gives you the chance to say Happy Birthday to the world, to join in with other revellers and get curious about people from all walks of life,” says Tidbury. “You don’t have to be alone on your birthday or feel you can’t share it some more. gives you the chance to connect with lots of people – from all walks of life around the globe – and celebrate.” – the new place to social network and meet people who were born on the same day, starting this leap year — 29-02-12

More about

Woby is short for World Birthday and WobyCafe stands for one World, one People, one Day, every Day.  It is a website for connecting, sharing, watching, learning and having fun when celebrating your birthday.

“We live in a world of difference; different cultures, different countries, different languages, different genders and different viewpoints,” says Tidbury. “And yet, despite all our differences, we all have the common bond of our sharing a birth on this amazing planet.

“It’s a people’s project, where our intention is for people to be an active part of something that, in its own small way, can hopefully make a difference for a better world, break down barriers and allow all of us to have fun celebrating 365/366 days a year.”

History of the WobyCafe project

In 1977, Allan Tidbury and his brother Nick were clearing up after a Friday night in their parents’ pub in New Haw, England, following a birthday party celebration. Allan told his brother, “Imagine what the atmosphere would have been like if there had been lots of people all born on the same day celebrating their birthday together tonight.” Nick said “what a great idea”, and the brothers imagined how that might work. Like a lot of great ideas conceived on the fly, the idea soon slipped
into their subconscious, half forgotten.

Fourteen years later, the two brothers, who by now were both professional musicians, were touring in Switzerland and across the rest of Europe. Taking a much-needed break from their busy schedule, Nick remembered Allan’s original idea and the two began to make notes on how they could gather people together for a party, all of who would have been born on the same day.

In between gigs, they explored possibilities for how they could make this happen. Back in England, they met Rosemary Dodd, daughter of the cartoonist Maurice (co-creator of the Perishers comic strip) – – and together they worked on designs that would one day contribute to the WobyCafe project.

So, the idea began to take shape – but it really needed the internet to be able to happen on a broad scale.  In January 2011 Allan discussed the idea with a friend, Ian Lynch, public speaker, toastmaster and member of The Happiness Project, which runs courses on “happiness”.  Ian said, “Allan you have to do this – it’s an idea whose time has come.”

The two shook hands on it and over the next 12 months a global team began to take shape, and on February 29th 2012, The World Birthday Connection becomes a reality.

Allan says, “WobyCafe is a project for a happier, more connected world.   It’s a party for life, for the life of all of us.”


For more information contact

*Says Allan Tidbury, “The leaperthon aims to connect as many ‘Leapers’ – those born on the 29th – as we can from around the world, to create a wave that spreads from Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, and New Zealand, to American Samoa, for a full two days of celebration. Taking into account the international date line, everyone’s birthday is actually celebrated over two days due to the date line – e.g. Fly from New Zealand to the Cook Islands and you can live your birthday again.”

Allan is an international trombonist who has performed extensively around the world at various levels, from pubs to international festivals, including Montreux Jazz Festival. He still plays in various bands, including the SkaSouls. – and will perform at the leaperthon with The Fabulous Allstars.


Note to the media: for more information please contact

Leila Wyatt, WobyCafe, on or  +44 (0)1932 560308

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR on Or +44 (0)1403) 711177


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It’s that time of the year, so – seven boxes to tick for employee performance appraisals, from Dinamiks Ltd

February 3rd 2012.  Chichester, UK.  The first quarter of any year is a common time to roll out, or start to  plan, employee performance appraisals. If they are paper based, these appraisals will be a time-consuming and laborious task, says Dinamiks Ltd, which provides an on-line solution and is extending its free trial offer from the usual seven to 21 days, valid if booked by March 31st 2012.

“Employee performance appraisal and management can improve business performance by a typical 10-20 per cent,” says Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd – developer of Dinamiks, the online employee performance management solution.

“In cases where over-manning or poor performance hasn’t been properly identified and analysed, the figure can be above 30 per cent.”

Barnes recommends employers tick some boxes in order to optimise appraisals – which, she adds, can easily be run on a continuous or regular basis when an online solution is used.

Boxes to tick include (i) Key competency or competencies – the things staff are good at e.g. time management and working well to deadlines (ii) Skillset per employee – from administrative and computer skills to leadership abilities (iii) Ability of staff to meet business goals and company objectives (iv) Ability of staff to work well in a team (v) Are training or coaching? (vi) Compliance. Does each employee conform to the company’s values and to any external standards? (vii) Are personal development plans required for recording progress against planned development targets?

“Two questions to ask are whether or not the company uses an offline computer-based or online system” says Barnes, “and, if not, does it want to take appraisals and employee performance management to a new level?”

Dinamiks is used by SMEs across the UK and three continents for their annual and more regular appraisals, and for employee performance management. It is also used by companies with a global reach for appraising and managing remote teams and individuals – allowing them to ensure that staff performance – including the ability to stick to targets and meet goals on time, is closely monitored. More at

Dinamiks at a glance

Available 24/7 via secure web access; reduces costs and inefficiencies;  develops and motivates staff; aligns employees’ objectives with the business goals; helps deliver up-to-the-minute appraisals and saves a huge amount of time in the appraisals process; helps in the setting up of competency frameworks; shows where training or coaching and/or other development is required; helps with compliance [including Bribery Act 2010 issues] and employment law; identifies the stars and poor performers.

Dinamiks also provides for a personal development plan for recording progress against planned development targets.


Note to the press. For further information please contact:

Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd
Tel (+44) (0)1243 538835

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR, (+44) (0)1403 711177

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