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Verax announces PEP-Select, a new-generation recruitment selection online tool with integrated De-railer Index

PEP-Select is designed for talent spotting, maximising ROI in candidates – and identifying rogue candidates.

September 10th 2012, Hartley Wintney, UK. Verax International has launched PEP-Select, a new-generation, online tool with an integrated De-railer Index. PEP-Select minimises the risk of recruiting the wrong candidate while helping to recruit those who will add value to the employer organisation.

Based on extensive research – and experience of developing organisational, team and personal effectiveness diagnostics – PEP-Select looks for adaptability in a candidate and shows how effective that candidate is likely to be. The De-railer Index identifies rogue candidates, including senior executives and other managers whose actions or behaviour could blow a business off course.

“Adaptability in a candidate is key,” says Verax chairman Keith Bedingham. “It correlates highly with on-job effectiveness, irrespective of role, and can be used across roles to help identify new rising stars in any part of an organisation. It is a good predictor of senior management potential.

“Individually or together, characteristics associated with adaptability and effectiveness drive ROI and add value. The more a candidate has of them, the better will be the value added to the business,” he says.

More about the PEP-Select De-railer Index

The De-railer Index minimises the risk of recruiting the wrong candidate, by identifying specific issues that could inhibit the candidate’s effectiveness in the client organisation.

“A ‘de-railer’ characteristic in a candidate can have three times more negative impact than a productive characteristic,” Bedingham adds. “By identifying potential problems at the recruitment stage, the index can save later costs associated with disruption and loss of contribution to productivity – or worse.”

The De-railer Index’s report displays a candidate’s specific de-railers from among a range of counterproductive attitudes and behaviour and displays the results in an easily understood colour coded format.

More about PEP-Select

PEP Select is a cloud application, meaning that users do not install it on their computers. Its cost per candidate is £45.00 + VAT, with discounts applying at quantities above 50 candidates.

PEP-Select profiles the precise behaviour, motivations and attitudes required for the results that a business needs today, while being flexible to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Current methods have produced the following results:

Research shows that 40% of new hires leave in the first year [an average performer breaks-even only after more than two years in the job]; 43% of line managers are seen as ineffective; 80% of employees do not contribute to their organisation as needed [50% of staff could contribute twice their current value.]

PEP-Select ensures the recruiter recruits the following: those most likely to deliver the results the organisation needs; the most productive people; good team members and network builders; those who cope best with change and different circumstances; resourceful and persistent individuals; those who fit well now and as the organisation changes; those with the capacity to grow [both professionally and personally, in both breadth and depth]; authentic people who genuinely want to be effective and successful employees.

A pre-launch field trial of PEP-Select led one user – a manager at an NHS Trust – to comment, “The PEP-Select results were scarily accurate. We are delighted with the candidates we selected using PEP-Select. They are already contributing at a very high level.”

More at



Note to the press: For further information contact…

Keith Bedingham, Verax International, +44 (0)1252 849300

or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR, +44 (0)1403 711177


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Venture Housing Association selects Dinamiks as its employee performance management tool

September 4th 2012. Venture Housing Association has selected Dinamiks as its employee performance management tool and purchased a 12 month licence to use the online tool for all staff, including management.

Venture, which owns and manages 1300 homes in Liverpool and the Wirral, will use Dinamiks to align business goals and objectives to the annual Personal Development Review (PDR) process.

Developed by Chichester-based Dinamiks Ltd, Dinamiks is a cloud application that dispenses with need at the customer end for software installation and time consuming updates. Customers manage it themselves to give an easy and quick way to initiate and process PDRs and other functions.

Graeme Freeman, Business Improvement Co-ordinator at Venture, said all 33 staff, including management, will use it and be able to see at a glance where they are in their individual personal development plan, as part of their ongoing professional development.

“What we liked about Dinamiks is that it’s an online tool that fully automates the appraisal and other processes and keeps the information in one place,” Freeman said, “while mitigating the risks we would face if we hosted a solution ourselves.

“And unlike other solutions we looked at, it was designed for SMEs and so is not loaded with features we don’t need, as the bigger solutions are.”

Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd, welcomed Venture as the latest in a string of new customers, which join a client base that is spread over three continents.

About Venture Housing Association

Venture was formed in the early 1970s by a group of Liverpool professionals working on a voluntary basis. The first development of two bedroom flats was completed in 1974 and, in 1976, the association appointed its first full-time member of staff. Today, the association owns and manages 1300 homes in Liverpool and the Wirral.

Today, Venture now employs 33 members of staff but the organisation is still controlled by a voluntary Board of Management.More at

Dinamiks at a glance

Dinamiks at a glance

Dinamiks is proven, as online appraisal software, across continents. Available 24/7 via secure web access, it reduces costs and inefficiencies, develops and motivates staff, helps management appraisal, aligns employees with business goals, helps deliver up to the minute appraisals, improves HR processes, shows where training or coaching is required – and helps with compliance and employment law across sectors.

Dinamiks also provides for a personal development plan for recording progress against planned development targets. More at:


Note to the press. For further information please contact:

Graeme Freeman, Business Improvement Co-ordinator,
Tel (+44) (0)151 2612100

Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd
Tel (+44) (0)1243 538835

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR
(+44) (0)1403 711177

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