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Vismo app tracks expeditions in South America and the Himalayas

April 27th 2016. York. People tracking apps from Vismo Tracking Solutions were used on used on two recently completed expeditions – Levison Wood Walking the Himalayas, and The Amazon River Run – to show their support teams where they were, allow visitors to the website of the Amazon expedition to track progress at any time and enable Channel Four to identify Wood’s location 24/7.

Both expeditions started in 2015 and employed a combination of the Vismo app on their smartphones and the RockSTAR Satellite Tracker for those areas where there was no mobile phone coverage.

It’s not the first time Vismo has sponsored and supported expeditions this way. In December 2013, British explorer and former parachute regiment officer Levison Wood started his nine month, 4,250 mile expedition along the Nile, through six countries, from its source to its delta in Egypt, with the Vismo app on his mobile phone.

Last year he set out from Afghanistan on a 1700 mile – or four million steps – trek along some of the most stunning but inhospitable terrain on the planet, in the Himalayas, again supported by Vismo.

Levison Wood in the Himalayas

Levison Wood in the Himalayas

In South America, Olie Hunter Smart and Tarran Kent-Hume kayaked the entire 4,000 miles [6,500km] length of the Amazon, the world’s longest river, in support of charities – the children’s muscular dystrophy Duchenne Children’s Trust – – and the universal primary education Limited Resource Teacher Training –

They could be tracked live at thanks to the RockSTAR and the Vismo app identifying their position every hour. They were also helped by NASA – which has provided them with flooded rainforest data – and other sponsors.

Says Colin Dale, head of business development, Vismo, “The RockSTAR is ideal for the expedition environment as it offers truly global coverage using the Iridium Network and has a battery life of more than 2500 transmissions from a single charge. And it’s waterproof, which is ideal when you’re spending months in a kayak. In conjunction with our app it can pinpoint an individual’s position very accurately.”

About Vismo Tracking Solutions

Vismo Tracking Solutions markets and supports innovative patent pending technology developed, in response to customer demand, by Cellhire plc, a leading global service provider of mobile communications based in the UK.

Cellhire is a Queen’s Award winning independent company that has been in business since 1987 and is represented around the world with offices in Dallas, Washington DC, London, York, Paris, Munich, Tokyo and Russia.
The company works with network operators globally to provide short and long term mobile communication services for some of the leading companies in the world.




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