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TIYGA Health presents self-report mobile health apps at Health 2.0 Europe 2014

November 17th 2014.

Katrina Delargy, founder of TIYGA Health, developer of self-report mobile health [mHealth] apps, presented its patient-centric software at Health 2.0 Europe 2014, Europe’s leading showcase of cutting-edge technologies that transform health and healthcare, in London on Tuesday, November 11th.

The presentation included a demonstration of the software to hundreds of healthcare professionals by Katrina, in the session “Improving Quality: Tools for Hospitals and Health Professionals,” and sparked numerous comments by delegates on twitter [ref @tiygahealth #health2eu or #health2con].

TIYGA Health apps allow patients to self-report directly to their doctor or clinical team via their smartphone or tablet. “The ethos behind our apps,” Katrina says, “is to provide more person-centred care while also releasing time from paperwork to help more patients – and engaging patients as partners in their own care.”

A key point, she adds, “Is that the apps allow healthcare professionals to have better self-report evidence to view during or between consultations, whether face-to-face or by phone or video conference. That is because the apps can generate in higher quality patient data, which is reported by patients when convenient for them wherever they may be, with less vulnerability to recall error.

“Our approach is designed around the concept that better quality evidence direct from the patient can enable more timely interventions and a better audit trail,” she says.

During the demonstration she explained, “Our apps enable the doctor or nurse to review a patient’s timeline, activity maps and comments. Information like that can help with symptom control and improved adherence to medication regimes as well as facilitating rehabilitation and lifestyle changes if required.”

One of the areas that could benefit most from TIYGA Health technology is chronic pain, Katrina pointed out. Her views on giving a priority to chronic pain relief treatment have received encouraging feedback from members of the Northern Ireland Pain Society – and, during the conference, from delegates.

About TIYGA Health

TIYGA Health is a company of TIYGA (NI) Ltd and derives its name from the concept that Time Is Your Greatest Asset. TIYGA Health software is all about making best use of both patients’ and professionals’ time – as well as enabling more timely interventions.

Focusing on connected health, TIYGA Health operates from the MedTech Centre, Manchester Science Park and Antrim. With innovation at its core, the company strives to bring patient and healthcare professionals together through consumer mobile and cloud technology, making it easier and quicker for patients to self report while producing efficiencies that have potential to result in lower cost care without compromising the patient-professional relationship.

The company was founded by Katrina Delargy, who qualified in the physical sciences before specialising in R&D and problem-solving in oil and IT services, translating this multi-disciplinary expertise to health. She continues to research aspects of patient-clinician interactions and how they can be better enabled by mobile and web technologies, and is an occasional speaker at health conferences.

Web:    Twitter:  @tiygahealth


Note to the press. For further information please contact:

Katrina Delargy, TIYGA Health,Em: T: 07968 786420

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR

Em: T: +44 (0)1403 711177


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