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With the launch of Not Actively Looking, search firms and executives join forces to make the Perfect Match

May 21st 2015. Not Actively Looking – the global “matchmaking” platform that enables senior executives and executive search firms to make the perfect match – has launched in London.

The company was founded by Joseph Blass, who previously founded and led the sale of Toucan Telecom to Pipex plc, and Anthony Harling, a seasoned search consultant and former Senior Partner at executive search firm Heidrick and Struggles.

“Not Actively Looking is unlike any other existing or previous job site. It is not a job board, it is not a public social network and it is not a useless database of raw CVs. Not Actively Looking meets the real needs of executives and the search firms like never before,” says Blass. “It allows executives to discreetly manage and update their CV for the benefit of executive search firms handpicked by themselves, away from the prying eyes of their colleagues, employees or employers. Executives no longer need to chase individual search firms by email with copies of their CV. For search firms, the service means they can access and retrieve relevant and up-to-date information about executives. Search firms will no longer need to enter and store CVs which become outdated very quickly and from which they were never able to easily retrieve information such as aspirations or key achievements.” Blass adds, “Many executives have been keeping their up-to-date profile on services like LinkedIn. But because LinkedIn is publicly accessible to anybody, they couldn’t share the information that the search firms are really looking for.”

“Our approach is very different to anything that has been done before,” says Harling. “Executive search is driven 100% by client assignments, meaning that executives will be approached by search firms, not when the executive is looking for a role, but when the client is looking to fill one. In turn, this means that executives need to be exposed to the relevant search firms even when not actively looking.”

Blass and Harling offer this message to senior executives: “Even if you are not actively looking right now, you should still keep your trusted executive search firms up to date, because you never know when or where your next job will come from. includes its own unique search retrieval tool that makes it much easier for the search firms to quickly identify you when it’s handling a search that precisely matches your skills and aspirations.”

Not Actively Looking is growing rapidly and has secured the collaboration so far of 25 senior level executive search firms with presences in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Those firms include The Miles Partnership, Norman Broadbent, Calibre One, and Osprey Clarke. Although the majority of executive search members reside in North America and Europe, the company has registered executives from over 40 countries reflecting the truly international nature of the business.

Sue O’Brien OBE, Managing Director of the leading high-end search firm Norman Broadbent, an early adopter of Not Actively Looking, says “At Norman Broadbent we are really excited about the creation of Not Actively Looking as it is a great service for senior candidates who want to manage their profile with confidentiality. Not Actively Looking is a fabulous improvement compared with open social networks which most senior candidates avoid for that very reason. Our candidates have responded really positively to the service, in particular female candidates who avoid the existing methods as they are time consuming and too public.”

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