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Lotus HR signs up as a channel partner of Dinamiks, the cloud-based tool for managing employee performance and HR training

May 1st, 2015. Lotus HR, the Croydon-based specialist in HR consultancy and training, has been appointed a channel partner of Dinamiks, the cloud-based appraisal and employee performance management tool that also provides management of all training via its employee development planning [EDP] option.

“Lotus HR will offer Dinamiks as part of our commitment to optimise the skills and performance of our clients’ staff, while protecting and enhancing profitability, client side,” said Lotus HR Director Dr Yvonne Foster, who founded the company in 2011 and has seen business expand to include clients across London and the South East as well as a growing international portfolio.

The agreement with Dinamiks’ UK developer, Dinamiks Ltd, of Chichester, to become a channel partner enables Lotus HR to market Dinamiks as a proven, state-of-the-art solution for performance appraisals, performance management, talent management and EDP.

“Dinamiks is a good fit for our service offerings, especially our performance management, employee development and training options,” Dr Foster adds. “Likewise, it also fits our vision of how we can help our clients. And its cloud-based, online approach means that paper can be dispensed with when staff appraisals or other functions are being carried out.”

Said Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd, “Dinamiks has users on three continents and we place great value on working with channel partners like Lotus HR to ensure user requirements and expectations are met if not exceeded.  Channel partners bring more HR knowledge to the table than we could alone, and in return we provide them with the tools to help them perform their roles better.”

About Lotus HR

Lotus HR helps clients comply with employment legislation and HR best practice, and improve the performance of their people where required. Recognising that when it comes to HR, no one size fits all, Lotus HR tailors its services to maximise their affect and help ensure a client’s workforce becomes or remains its most valuable asset.

Boasting a client retention rate of 95% and backed by 25 years experience in HR of its people, Lotus HR provides a personal, pay-as-you-go or full HR package that offers a very wide range of services. More at or

About Dinamiks

Dinamiks is used by SMEs around the world to carry out regular staff performance appraisals and record the progress of personal development plans against targets, and for the following further core activities: talent management; gaining IIP accreditation; identifying which staff are star performers [and why], and allowing poorer performers to be trained up; compliance; support of personal development plans; and ensuring staff pull in the same direction to the benefit of the business.

Available 24/7 via secure web access regardless of user location, Dinamiks reduces costs and inefficiencies; develops and motivates staff; aligns objectives with business goals; delivers appraisal analysis in real time; saves time in the appraisals process; helps in the setting up of competency frameworks; shows where training/coaching/other development is required; assists with issues around employment law.

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