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Vismo Global Tracking App now available on Windows 10 smartphones

Users in cities and elsewhere can use the app to help them avoid terrorist or other incidents or gain safety if they’re caught up in them

September 16th 2016. York. Vismo Tracking Solutions has announced that the Vismo Global Tracking App is now available on Windows 10 phones, complementing the app’s availability on android smartphones, BlackBerries, the iPhone and iPad and selected satellite phones. The app is used by consumers as well as selected employees of many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and several UN agencies – and was on the phones of some 90 users in Paris on the day when the Charlie Hebdo offices were attacked in 2015.

Although none were in the immediate vicinity of the incident, all were given advice on how to stay safe.

The app – available for Windows 10 phone users in the Windows Store – uses GPS and other technologies to provide the best location service tracking updates, even indoors.  The company’s patented technology, which significantly reduces battery drain and boosts location accuracy, works globally on GSM, 3G, WCDMA and CDMA networks.

How does the app work?

“One of the most reassuring features of the app is the panic button it creates on users’ phones. Users can also put the button on their Apple Watch to remotely activate the app on their iPhone,” says Colin Dale, Business Development Director, Vismo.  “Activating the button sends an immediate alert to a secure central monitoring website.”

The moment an alert is received, the website initiates SMS and email alerts to defined recipients, including emergency and other services, containing details of the app user and their location, allowing the services to offer advice on the situation they face. While this is happening, the app triggers a covert audio recording on the user’s phone, which sends it to the website, where personnel listen to and analyse it and give any information gleaned from it to the emergency and other services.

If users’ panic buttons haven’t been activated and there is an incident in an area they’re in, they are sent alerts telling them what is happening and what to do in order to minimise risk to them. Further alerts give instructions about rescue – and any planned evacuation of an area – if that is required.

The Vismo app uses real time geo-fencing capabilities – including virtual “fences” around a real-world geographic area such as a city or high risk region.  The app alerts users via SMS and email when they move into high risk areas or leave safe zones. Geo-fencing helps users avoid risk and be prepared for it.

Colin Dale says, “The Vismo app turns any smartphone or tablet into a mobile tracking device. International travellers can enhance their safety throughout the world as administrators track, protect and respond to them.”

“We’re delighted that Vismo is making its tracking application available to Microsoft customers,” said Craig Dewar, Senior Director of Windows Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “By offering the app in the Windows Store, Vismo makes it easy for mobile users to benefit from its safety functionality.”

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About Vismo Tracking Solutions

Vismo Tracking Solutions markets and supports innovative, patented technology developed in response to customer demand by Cellhire plc, a leading global service provider of mobile communications based in the UK.

Cellhire is a Queen’s Award winning independent company that has been in business since 1987 and is represented around the world with offices in Dallas, Washington DC, London, York, Paris, Munich, Tokyo and Russia.

The company works with network operators globally to provide short and long term mobile communication services for some of the leading companies in the world.


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