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Vismo’s panic alert button on the Apple Watch can now be operated remotely without having to key in a security code

October 2nd 2015. Vismo has enhanced its people tracking app [available on the Apple Store for iOS7 and iOS8] for the Apple Watch by enabling users to remotely operate the panic alert button without having to key in their security code.

The app is purchased by individuals – and by businesses as a “duty of care” precaution for staff working in hazardous or high risk environments, ranging from potentially dangerous work environments to areas where civil wars or terrorist incidents pose a threat to life and limb, and wherever kidnapping is a possibility.

“Users have been asking for this improvement because it can save valuable time. We have responded,” says Colin Dale, Business Development Director, Vismo Global Tracking Solutions. “Remote operation overcomes the issues of having to unlock the device to activate the panic button or accidentally setting off false alarms when using a ‘shake to panic’ type of activation.”

Dale adds, “Vismo will continue to offer its security code enabled ‘standalone’ panic button for those users who keep their Panerei or Rolex on their wrist. We always recommend users install that button in the dock of their iPhone for ease of access.”

The Vismo app also works on the iPad/iPhone as well as BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 devices, standalone trackers and the Iridium satellite tracking phone [Iridium Extreme handset], RockSTAR and Thuraya satellite tracking devices.

When activated by its panic button, the app instantly alerts a security centre and automatically sends covert audio recordings from a phone/iPad/Apple Watch in real time to the centre. It asks the sender to report what the problem is or, if it already knows, the centre will give advice to the user including where to go to that is safer and what else to do.

It will also advise when emergency services will respond. During an incident, the app user will typically be in two way communication, usually but not always via text, with a security centre.

Businesses can track and give advice to their staff via a secure website.

Vismo app users have been given advice or helped directly in a number of terrorist and kidnap related incidents, from Afghanistan and Iraq to Paris [during the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the related supermarket hostages situation in January 2015], and Tunisia, during the beach and hotel shootings in June 2015.

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