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Vismo awarded patent for GPS tracking technology

February 25th 2016. York, UK. Vismo, the Global Tracking Solutions specialist, has been awarded a patent for its technology for GPS tracking on mobile devices. The company previously had a patent pending and has now secured a full patent for its unique operation.

The awarded patent, GB2470376, specifically covers the design behind the algorithms and innovative operations of the Vismo tracking software to optimise location accuracy with minimal battery drain.

The algorithms use a combination of metrics from the phone such as speed, GPS, network information and cell tower locations to determine optimal accuracy for locations from the device, without incurring the large battery drain usually typical of GPS tracking applications.

Fundamental to the approach is how Vismo utilizes the functionality of mobile devices, minimising the use of navigational sensors by placing them into hibernation between pre-determined intervals and using environmental information to quickly locate a device without lengthy GPS warm-up periods. Ultimately, this produces a chronological “trail” following a user’s location point-by-point on a map.

Colin Dale, Business Development Director at Vismo says, “We have always prided ourselves on the unique operation of our app and we are delighted to be recognised as owning the technology. One of our key USPs is maintaining such comprehensive and accurate international tracking while stretching battery life as much as possible.”

Vismo is available across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. For more information visit

About Vismo

Vismo is an innovative patented technology which has been developed in response to customer demand by Cellhire plc, a leading Global Service Provider of mobile communications based in the UK.

Cellhire is a Queen’s Award winning independent company that has been in business since 1987 and has operations and customer support in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Brazil. The company works with network operators globally to provide short and long term mobile communication services for some of the leading companies in the world.

With users in 180 countries around the world, Vismo is a proven and scalable global tracking solution with a large number of Fortune 500 companies currently engaged as clients or in active trials.




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Cellhire plc announces 4G /3G Germany 10GB Data SIM offer [£39.99 for 30 days] with optional MiFi device

April 9th 2015. York, UK. Cellhire plc has announced a 4G/3G 10GB Germany data SIM offer of £39.99 for 30 days’ usage with optional MiFi device, available now. The SIM allows users to get email, browse the web, listen to music, watch video, upload photos and blogs and keep up with social media while travelling in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Dortmund – or wider afield in Germany with 3G – all with 24/7 support.
The optional 4G MiFi is £19 extra, a 3G version £10. All prices include VAT. The MiFi acts as a mobile wireless router, enabling laptops, tablets and smartphones/iPhones to get connected. It works over 3G and 4G and will revert to 3G where 4G is not available (and to 2G where 3G is not available).

Cellhire - Germany SIM + MiFi

Says James Hepton, Head of Online & Marketing, Cellhire plc [], “Our SIMS come with no overage, meaning there’s no risk of running up a large data roaming bill. Users will be able to use the internet in Germany just as they would at home in the UK. The SIM is ideal for frequent travellers, people working in Germany, tourists and expats who want to stay connected without the risk of unexpected shock bills.”

The SIMs are roam barred to be Germany-specific and are currently available in the UK in standard, micro and nano sizes.

To order and for further information including typical data usage per email sent/received, web page visited, use of googlemaps, apps downloaded, music and video streaming etc, go to

Features and benefits summary: 10 GB data bundle: 3G and 4G speeds [Subject to network coverage]; data SIM and optional MiFi; no “overage” – meaning there will be no bill shock; use the MiFi option to connect laptops, tablets, smartphones and iPhones; fully tested with 24 hour global support; arrives ready to go; prepaid return pack included.

About Cellhire plc

Cellhire’s global network coverage and range of travel phones, SIMs and data offerings provides the cheapest way to call back to the UK when abroad – and cost effective data roaming when abroad. More at

Founded in the UK in 1987, Cellhire is a specialist global service provider. Cellhire’s success is built on providing the very best wireless solutions available anywhere and the company prides itself on being easy to do business with. Cellhire is a leading supplier to organisers and businesses during events such as the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro finals and The Cannes Film Festival. Cellhire’s most recent major event as a supplier was the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where the company provided voice and data solutions across the country. Cellhire has service agreements with more than 100 network partners in more than 40 countries, ensuring coverage is truly global.

Note to the press.

For further information please contact James Hepton, Head of Online & Marketing, Cellhire plc,
t: +44 [0] 1904 616784 e:

or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR: t: +44 [0]1403 711177

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