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Hollywood to Hull: renowned retail trainer Nicky Pattinson to speak in Hull

July 12th 2011   Renowned retail sales specialist Nicky Pattinson is back in the UK after her whirlwind two month speaking tour of the USA including New York, Colorado, Hollywood and other parts of California – and is lined up to speak in Hull in October.

Nicky – and special guests – will speak at her “From Hollywood to Hull” event on October 20th at the Hull Truck Theatre, an experience that will change the way retailers sell and put more £s in their tills. Tickets are £62 from and the event will excite all those who want to change the way they are selling their products or services.

“Nicky is a genius – like magic dust” – John Thornton, store manager, Tefal.

“Drop everything and turn up” – Peter Eissenem, The Mann Group, New York.

As Nick Dean, a partner in Hull law firm Gosschalks, who has employed Nicky’s services, says, “Nicky simply turns things upside down and inside out. She’s not what you would expect and is all the better for it.”

John Buttrick, Manager, Hull Children’s University, another client of Nicky’s, says “I can simply sum her up as ‘a woman of Steel with a heart of gold’. I’ve observed the impact which she’s had on both business folk and my students here at the University of Hull. A truly inspirational lady who reaches the very core of one’s soul, resulting in bringing one’s esteem, confidence and self belief to the forefront of one’s thinking and actions.”

Hull is one of Nicky’s favourite places and that’s reflected in the fact that she has worked there intensively with staff and management from local companies and organisations, including 543 Dental Centre Ltd, Gosschalks, Hull Children’s University – and The Sewell Group.

Sewell Group is a Times Top 100, multi-industry company that has been in existence for 135 years and whose managing director, Paul Sewell, was awarded an OBE this year. Also in 2011, Sewell Group was ranked seventh best company to work for in the UK by the Sunday Times. It is the third year running the firm has made the top 100 – the only company in Hull to
do so.

Nicky Pattinson

Ah, the hype! Nicky lives up to it and then some – “Genius”.

David Shimwell, Franchise Director, Pitman Group, says, “Nicky is one of the few people I have ever met who actually lives up to the hype.”

Nicky – motto “Show Business Selling” – is lauded by Tim Davey, Chairman of Yorkshire’s Northside Mercedes, who describes her as a “sales and motivation genius”.

“You don’t get plaudits like these for nothing,” says Holmfirth-based Nicky. “its hard graft, what I say and how I do things that brings them in. And now that I’ve wowed the Americans, I’m back in Hull to do the business and help people in these difficult economic times.


Note to the press: there’s more about Nicky at is organising the event.

If you want to interview Nicky, or need more information or a photo, contact Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR 01403-711177


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