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Dinamiks Ltd launches “Objectives Weighting” option for its online employee performance management and appraisal tool, Dinamiks, to give a clear view of the importance assigned to objectives

– Improves productivity and sharpens focus –

November 9th 2012. Dinamiks Ltd’s new “Objectives Weighting” option – launched November 8th 2012 for its online employee performance management and appraisal tool, Dinamiks – gives a clear view of the importance assigned to objectives by users, and of the financial or other value of a business objective.

“Objectives Weighting improves employee productivity and sharpens focus,” says Shirley Barnes, Client Relationship Director, Dinamiks Ltd. “If applied, it will improve the 80/20 rule, which is that 80 per cent of productivity is accounted for by only 20 per cent of staff. Organisations need to improve the productivity of a greater percentage of their employees if they want to grow their margins.”

Introduced by SME customer demand, Objectives Weighting allows the administrator of Dinamiks to assign a percentage-based weighting to an objective, giving both employer and employee, or group of employees, a better understanding of its value to the business and if, or when, it should be prioritised over other objectives.

The value can be financial, time to be spent on meeting the objective or complexity of the task.

The tool can also be used when calculating and assigning financial rewards across a group of individuals.

“Objectives Weighting is a powerful new tool in any move to improve employee and business performance,” says Barnes, “because it gives the direction and focus necessary for the most efficient way to meet an objective.”

Weighting is decided by management and/or by an individual employee or group of employees, and reflects the importance of the objective to the organisation.

Barnes adds, “Objectives Weighting is a breakthrough for online employee performance. For the first time, it gives a clearly understood, visual, real-time idea of the scale of the task faced by an employee or group of employees, to meet an objective.

“And when assigned to a timescale, Objectives Weighting gives a further idea of the value to the business of the objective or target, and the extent to which it should be prioritised over others. In addition, it will show if training, coaching or mentoring is required in order for an objective to be met, or met more quickly.”

Dinamiks at a glance

Dinamiks is proven, as online appraisal software, across continents. Available 24/7 via secure web access, it reduces costs and inefficiencies, develops and motivates staff, helps management appraisal, aligns employees with business goals, helps deliver up to the minute appraisals, improves HR processes, shows where training or coaching is required – and helps with compliance and employment law across sectors.

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