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VismoStream voted a “Security’s Best” at ASIS International – as its developer, Vismo Global Tracking Solutions gains ISO 27001 certification

October 27th 2017. York, UK. VismoStream, which sends live, covert audio and video from a user’s smartphone when the Vismo app’s panic button is activated, has been voted a winner of 2017 ASIS Accolades Security’s Best competition, which recognises the industry’s most innovative new technologies, products, services and solutions.

Developed in the UK by Vismo Global Tracking Solutions, VismoStream was unveiled at the ASIS International Exhibition, September 25-28th, Dallas, Texas. This is the second year running that Vismo has won an ASIS Security’s Best accolade.

Vismo Global Tracking Solutions also announces that it has gained ISO 27001 certification, meaning that every responsibility and business process in the company conforms to what is the global gold standard in information security management. Gaining the certification is one of a number of steps that Vismo has taken to optimally safeguard all data and information generated by the app and its users.


“VismoStream is a breakthrough enhancement for the established Vismo app, which is used by many Fortune 500 and FTSE companies – and NGOs and news agencies in regional hotspots,” says Colin Dale, VP Business Development, Vismo Global Tracking Solutions. The company has trademarked the VismoStream name globally.

“VismoStream is a leap forward in the tracking space because until now apps like Vismo have sent only covert audio recordings,” Dale adds..

“Now, Vismo securely transmits both audio and video streams, via the internet connection the device is using – mobile or Wi-Fi – to Vismo Global Tracking Solutions’ servers. There they are viewed in real time before being sent to personnel at control centres for further analysis, if required, and action to help the user.”

The action includes (i) giving advice, by SMS and email alerts, to the user, to help optimise their safety (ii) sharing critical information with emergency and security services – and escalating it to intelligence services where appropriate.

Crisis management

VideoStream is designed to enhance crisis management and be used when the Vismo app user encounters a dangerous, potentially dangerous or uncertain situation. It integrates seamlessly with the app’s existing location data, the accuracy of which is enhanced by Vismo’s patented technology, announced in February 2016.  The patent, GB2470376, specifically covers the design behind the algorithms and innovative operations of the Vismo tracking software to optimise location accuracy with minimal battery drain.

Behind the scenes the Vismo app uses industry standard encryption to ensure that VismoStream’s video streams are secure throughout transit. All streams – audio and video – are received and stored on the Vismo cloud platform, which allows them to be listened to or viewed any number of times, at any time, by control centre personnel [and intelligence services where necessary].

ASIS International is where VismoStream was given its first public viewing. It will be launched officially next month, November, in the UK and North America, but is available now. More at  Its launch comes after the announcement in July 2017 of the Vismo Timed Check-In function, which improves the safety of lone workers by allowing them to allocate a timer which automatically triggers an alert if they don’t explicitly cancel it.

Key features of VismoStream

– Enables simple and immediate activation of video from the user’s smartphone

– Automatic bit rate adjustment means that VismoStream can work in even in areas of poor mobile coverage [or very slow broadband speed via slow Wi-Fi]

– Enables real time situational awareness and intelligence gathering by control centres, for a faster and more effective response

– Works on demand or in parallel with the app’s panic button

– Includes secure storage of videos for later viewing

– Operates globally on mobile and Wi-Fi networks

– Is compatible with iOS and Android devices

About Vismo Global Tracking Solutions

Established in York, UK, in 2012, Vismo is a patented and ASIS Accolade Award-Winning Global Tracking Solution designed to locate individuals around the world using an application installed on their smartphone, tablet, personal GPS trackers, satellite trackers or satellite phones. With active users in over 190 countries, Vismo is a proven and scalable Global Tracking Solution that organisations are increasingly turning to as a method of ensuring their employees stay safe.

In October 2017 Vismo Global Tracking Solutions gained ISO 27001 certification, the global gold standard in information security management.

The Vismo app is used by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, NGO agencies and a growing number of SMEs and organisations in the public sector, as a duty of care towards their employees.


Note to the press: for further information please contact:

Colin Dale, Business Development Director, Vismo

m: +44 7566 610610 | t: +44 1904 616707 |

e: | w:

Or Paul Whitehead, Western Associates PR

T: +44 1403 711177 e:










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