The global, online Sustainable Innovation 2023 conference – for Creative Industries and Creative Economy – announced for March 20-26th

8-3-23, Farnham, Surrey, UK. The global, online Sustainable Innovation 2023 (SI23), the 24th in the series of Sustainable Innovation conferences, will feature many of the leading lights of Creative Industries (CI) in innovation and sustainability, among them 50 speakers and panellists.

With a theme this year of “Accelerating Sustainability in the Creative Economy and Creative Industries”, SI23 will cover subjects of interest to all sectors of CI, including fashion, advertising, music, film and broadcast/tv and radio, design, createch, architecture, materials, gaming, metaverses, publishing, crafts, the performing arts – and more.

Supported by leading CI organisations, SI23 – – is organised by The Centre for Sustainable Design ® (CfSD), UCA, and will discuss how sustainability, net zero and circular economy does, and will, impact business models, products, services, technologies and innovation in CI and the wider, related, Creative Economy.

“SI23 will give delegates a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to sustainability across CI sectors,” says CfSD Director Professor Martin Charter, “and help guide them through the sustainability maze with practical examples, new thinking and thought leadership. And how to recognise, and avoid green washing. Also being online, it has a much lower carbon footprint than a ‘physical’ conference of this size would have.”

In detail, SI23 will feature…

  • Presentations and panels by many of CI’s leading lights in innovation and sustainability. Fifty speakers and panellists will give new insights and perspectives, and opportunities and challenges presented by being more sustainable
  • Panels with leading thinkers and practitioners focused on sustainability in specific sectors: advertising, fashion, music, and metaverses; and cross-cutting issues across CI sectors 
  • Practical, hands-on case studies and examples, of implementing sustainability change in the CI
  • Topics for suppliers to CI sectors including supply chains and networks, materials innovation, ethical production, smart manufacturing, and circular economy. Case studies include use of bioplastic in the music industry as a step towards circular products and production systems
  • Speed networking among delegates, to grow your contacts, opportunities and knowledge
  • Creative Sustainable Ventures Lab – featuring new concepts from entrepreneurs for sustainable businesses in CI

Booking is open to all interested parties including businesses, NGOs and students.



Supporters of CI23 include UCA’s Business School for the Creative Industries, Green Product Award, EIT Culture & Creativity, Creative Industries PEC, Purpose Disruptors, Creative Business Network, and Cumulus. 

Leading-edge knowledge and expertise will be delivered by CI specialists and researchers. Expert panels will focus on accelerating sustainability, creative industries, advertising, fashion, music and metaverses. There will also be 28 research papers under the themes of “Consumers, education & advertising”, “Games, music, film, theatre & museums”, “Fashion, clothing & textiles”, “Design and Materials” and “Case Studies“.



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