Aster Maintenance purchases licence to use Dinamiks, the cloud–based employee performance management and appraisal tool

November 14th 2013.

Hartley Wintney [Hampshire] based Aster Maintenance Ltd, specialists in commercial building maintenance and engineering services, has purchased a licence to use Dinamiks, the cloud based, online employee performance management and appraisal tool.

UK-developed Dinamiks will allow management to roll out appraisals to staff via web access, and dispense with paper reports and long, drawn out appraisal meetings, and enable employees to look at – and add notes to – their individual performance appraisal reports at any time.  It will also allow management to monitor employee performance continuously, throughout the year, and provide essential training when and where required to help any under performing staff meet their targets and the company’s objectives.

Aster Maintenance Managing Director Mark Shadrake said, “Dinamiks will give our appraisals continuity and the benefit of conforming to industry best practice, which has been variable in the past due to different managers bringing in their own ideas about appraisals.”


Mark Shadrake, Managing Director, Aster Maintenance Ltd

He added, “Dinamiks will get staff more involved in the performance management and appraisal processes – and in a more friendly way, because it dispenses with the unknown element of the face to face interviews, which can be challenging and off-putting to staff, to the detriment of their appraisals.  We also expect it to help with bringing staff together more effectively as a team, because of the team-building that use of Dinamiks encourages.

“Finally, management will be able to compare individual performance over months and years, by looking at easy-to-understand displays in Dinamiks and using it to maintain or improve performance if necessary.”

About Aster Maintenance

Aster Maintenance offers complete maintenance services for all commercial and public building systems, gas and water metering and energy efficiency monitoring, to London, the South East and the South of England.

As well as ensuring buildings are safe and comfortable, the company makes regular planned preventative maintenance visits and carries out servicing of equipment to ensure legal compliance. The full range of Aster Maintenance’s services comprises heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance; fire safety equipment maintenance; security systems maintenance; gas and water metering; energy efficiency monitoring.

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About Dinamiks

Developed in Chichester by Dinamiks Ltd, Dinamiks is used by SMEs around the world to carry out regular staff performance appraisals, and recording the progress of personal development plans against targets, and for the following further core activities: talent management; identifying which staff are star performers [and why], and allowing poorer performers to be trained up; compliance; support of personal development plans, and ensuring staff pull in the same direction to the benefit of the business.

Available 24/7 via secure web access regardless of user location, Dinamiks reduces costs and inefficiencies; develops and motivates staff; aligns objectives with business goals; delivers appraisal analysis in real time; saves time in the appraisals process; helps in the setting up of competency frameworks; shows where training/coaching/other development is required; assists with issues around employment law.

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